I understand that keeping spend under control is vital when you are running a business so there are a few different ways that I like to work with clients, depending on what suits you best. I am based in Maidstone in Kent and can either work remotely from my office or work from your premises depending on your requirements.

By the hour

I charge £30 an hour for any work I undertake on your behalf. All time is tracked and I will send you a report when I submit my invoice so you can see what has been completed within that time.


If you have a specific project you need help with it may be easier to agree a fixed price for the job. Then you have clarity on the overall cost and I can also make sure that your expectations are met within a given timeframe.

Retainer packages

If you need help on a regular basis then agreeing a fixed amount of hours a month is the best option. You can be confident that you have me on board every month and you have the help you need when you need it.